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John 15:9 KJV

“As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love.”

Walk (def.) – 1. To go on foot at a moderate pace 2. to follow a certain course

As we see from the Webster’s definition, to walk in any path, we need to plot a cautious course and have a set destination (whether physical or spiritual) in mind.

Love (def.) – 1. Strong affection or liking for someone or something 2. a passionate affection of one person for another

Love is one of the most allusive and ambiguous terms in language. A person can say they love a pizza and use the same term to describe the feeling they have for their mother. It is important to know that for the Christian, love is defined and exemplified through Christ and his relationship with the church (John 3:16).  Christ built his bond with us through sacrifice, mercy, kindness, chastisement, and love. Is it then right for us to think that we can relate to each with less?

We have to follow a path of love in dealing with those that have, and have not, experienced God’s grace and mercy, since we are the true ambassadors in a sin sick world that is in desperate need of God’s grace. Just like when we walk naturally, we have a destination or purpose in mind, so also should we be equally purposeful when we endeavor to show God’s Love. Make it a point to use love to combat those that use and betray you. We can’t just love those that love us (Luke 6:32), but if we are to pull someone from the clutches of hell then we have to be willing to follow God’s lead and show love first (I John 4:19).

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